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Who knows about blockchain?
WhoZoo consulting collaborationWhoZoo gives you a map to the organizational strengths and collaborations
in your technology consulting group.


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Be informed & offer support.

At a basic level, when everyone is informed, they’re better able to do their job. WhoZoo can surface the individual strengths of every employee that keeps your organization going.


* Gather real time insights instantly.

* See your top collaborations inside your organization.

* 24/7 assistance from the WhoZoo chatbot to find people & skills.

* Easy to setup, always updating & instant answers when you need them.




Are you passionate about business collaboration and tools? We'd love to share a pilot with you.


Working with the tools your consulting organization already has.

Setup in seconds, provide instant answers & skills transparency, while staying rooted in individual privacy.


( No direct user input required - WhoZoo updates automatically! )

WhoZoo empowers your entire consulting organization.

WhoZoo helps individuals search by name or by strength anytime without disruption.